When handling your trust administration, let us take the load off of your shoulders during this stressful time – it’s complex.

Estate & Trust Administration

If you are in need of an estate or trust administrator, or if a loved one has named you as executor or personal representative of their estate, we can help. Laws regulating estate administration and taxes are complex. We have extensive experience in estate administration and we know exactly what it takes to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Estate administration is the process of handling the affairs of a person who has died. Depending on the estate, this can involve many different types of tasks, including:

  • paying debts
  • filing tax returns

  • filing court documents

  • re-titling accounts

  • selling assets

  • distributing assets to beneficiaries

And, it all happens at a time that you and the beneficiaries are dealing with the grief of losing a loved one – adding to the complexity and volatility of the situation. We will ensure you have a partner to help you through the process.

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