When does a power of attorney become effective?


This depends on the language of the document, as chosen by the principal. Some powers of attorney are “springing,” meaning that the agent will have the authority to act only when the principal is incapacitated. Others are “presently exercisable,” meaning that the agent can act immediately, regardless of whether the principal is incapacitated.

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How long does a power of attorney last?


Generally, your agent’s authority to act under a power of attorney will last until your death, or until you revoke the power of attorney. However, you can also specify that the power of attorney will only be effective within a certain time frame.

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What is a power of attorney?


A power of attorney is a document in which a person can appoint another person (called an “agent”) to act on his or her behalf. The person who creates the power of attorney is called the “principal.”

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