Law Offices of John L. Laster is committed to providing you with excellent service while protecting the health and safety of our clients and staff. We offer videoconferencing, conference calls and electronic communication, as well as traditional in-person consultations. As events evolve concerning COVID-19, we will strive to provide outstanding service in a socially responsible manner. Doing the work you ask us to do and supporting your peace of mind is why we are here.

We have instituted the following policies. We will modify them as circumstances warrant – and as we become more supple in our use of the new tools in our toolkit to serve you better.

  • We have encouraged all of our colleagues to work remotely as much as possible. We will monitor email and voicemail. We prefer email contact because information comes through to us more precisely. Either way, though, we will timely respond to all inquiries.
  • If you need to come to our office for a signing or otherwise, we will arrange to have staff present. We are, of course, observing all advised precautions concerning personal interactions, disinfecting surfaces, hand sanitization, etc.
  • We will do our very best to accommodate your time-sensitive matters. Let us know what is going on and we will prioritize as best we can. We ask that you join us in helping to set priorities appropriately.

We appreciate that you trust us with your business, and we are confident we can work together during this challenging time to minimize danger and inconvenience.

“I am very grateful for all the time and help that was given in preparing this trust…Mr. Laster, you are an exceedingly kind, patient, and generous person. I just can’t find words to say the big “thank you” that I feel.”

“We enjoy the friendly atmosphere – I like to think we have a friend in our attorney.”

“I will continue to recommend your office – I consider you one of the “good guys.” A pleasure doing business with you.”

“I would definitely recommend using your services to others. You were thorough and took time to explain options.”

“I have total confidence in the documents produced by this process and found the process itself very instructive and entirely enjoyable. Thank you.”